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  • Summer Holiday

    Hello friends,   This summer was over in the twinkling of an eye, and I wonder if I am the only one feeling this way. It was an unusually hot summer, at least Vienna felt like a Mediterranean city without a sea. Luckily, we had a two week break during our summer holiday in the UK.   I […]

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  • Overcoming Artist Block

    Hello everyone, After a long break, I am back with a new blog post 🙂 Artist block happens when our fears or anxieties take control of our creative soul. It almost feels like losing our best companion, we feel lonely and totally unmotivated. Inspiration runs miles away and seems happier in those unknown lands, which […]

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  • More Tree Hugs

    Hello friends, I have been silent for quite a while as I was not able to paint or write any new blog post. Being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, which was followed by other related health conditions, I felt very trapped for a long time. Honestly, 2022 was a year of doing almost nothing. First, […]

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  • Sketching during your travels

    When researching how to become an illustrator, the very first thing I learned was that one needs to sketch a lot and quite regularly to improve artistic skills! Drawing is mainly about training hand muscles and if you don’t do it enough, you will struggle to draw live motives and find it difficult to improve. […]

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  • My studio life

    Hello friends, I finally took the courageous step of starting to write blog posts. Although I used to write a lot, becoming a self-taught artist meant that I had to pour all my energy into art. Art has always been my passion, but my family was afraid to see me struggle financially and live an […]

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