My name is Cagla Zimmermann and I am an illustrator and designer currently residing in beautiful Vienna, Austria.

Despite holding an M.A. degree in International Relations, art and creativity have always been my true passion. My work is mainly focused on creating playful & colourful universes as well as having serene women characters living in poetic surroundings.

I love the energy of bold colours & contrasts, and getting lost in details is my favourite part of the painting process. Folktales, folklore, everyday life, city or interior scenes, women as well as floral subjects are my preferred themes and motives to work on.

I mainly paint with acrylic gouache but I am also passionate about playing with coloured pencils and oil pastels. About a year or two ago, I also started painting digitally using the iPad and Procreate. At the moment, I mix both digital and traditional art, depending on my mood or client preferences.

So far, I have worked with many charities, musicians, galleries, and companies such as Galison USA, Editions Côté Bord’Eau. I also have my online gouache course via Domestika and my own online shop.

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