My name is Cagla Zimmermann. I am an artist, designer and illustrator currently residing in Vienna, Austria.

Already as a child, I was very curious about other cultures, their traditions & costumes. I learned many different folk dances while growing up and of course, I was the happiest kid when putting those patterned folk dresses on! This love led me to create my own patterns and develop a style mainly inspired by nature, animals, poetry as well as different cultures of the world.

I love the energy of bold colours & contrasts, and getting lost in details is my favourite part of the painting process. I have a small studio at home and first thing I do in the morning is to start some folk/ethnic music to get inspired.

I believe that the world is more beautiful with its different cultures & breathtaking nature, and folk art is more charming when it is hand painted & shared with people.

To learn more about me and my artwork, have a look at my material. If you want to get in touch with me, have a look at the contact page.


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